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Abbys OT Assessment

Finally, after almost a month of waiting we had Abbys OT assessment. Yemi and I have known for months that OT was most likely in her future but we just didn't know when was the right time. Looks like now is that time.

I know it will look like I am skipping a lot here but with two assessments and the neurogeneticist this week I am sick of all the medical and therapy talk. I know... bad mom.

So she definitely needs OT. Her fine motor skills are at about 11 months with some skills up to 18 months. Her self-feeding skills are at 15 months with a couple skills ranging up to 20 months. One of the bigger concerns is like Gracie she has a lot of sensory issues. Both of the girls have Sensory processing issues. They both have Hyporeactive (High Threshold) Sensory systems meaning they need a lot of sensory input to feel like their nervous systems are working fully.

The occupational therapist today was great at explaining everything is such beautiful detail. She gave us some amazing strategies to fulfill their sensory needs (everything from playing with Playdoh to finger painting), boost self feeding skills (spearing big chunks of food and biting off of it), increase fine motor skills (puzzles, playing with blocks, searching through rice for toys) and helping re-organize them when their sensory systems get them riled up.

I am so happy that we have the ability to give these gifts to our children now. Better at 2 than at 8 I guess. All of this extra medical and therapy stuff has been a tough pill to swallow right now. It just seems like our plate is heaping. Guess I will have to add a little more caffeine to my day. :D


Jennifer 7:24 AM  

You have such a good attitude. Which is not to say that you don't have your moments, Im sure, of WHY?? but in general, you are such a great mom with a great attitude and one purpose: To take care of your daughters the best way you can. You make me feel inadequate sometimes!

All this therapy is great because it is starting so young. And I love the tips: Finding toys in rice? Awesome! I once froze toys in chunks of ice (the bottom of a milk carton) and the girls LOVED it! Not sure if that develops anything but it does provide a sanity break for us for up to 20 minutes! (bonus: The water cleans up the floor!)

I am tried of the anonymous life. It is too tedious. So here I am, anon J.

tim 8:15 PM  

I spent about an hour looking and I still found no toys in my rice today...



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