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The cost of healthcare

I am sure in the coming weeks I will go on a much longer rant about this issue. For now I only have a couple minutes. We are in the process of scheduling Abby's MRI. Our old insurance allowed us testing at CHOP with no copayment, no cost, nothing. I didn't even have to call for pre-authorizations. NOW it will cost us $200 for the copayment. Then we are responsible for 10% of the entire cost. Plus we can't do it at CHOP and I have to make sure to do all the scheduling and pre-certs myself. It doesn't sound like much but it is a royal PITA. To make it more confusing Abby's needs a 3 point line MRI not the standard 1.5. That just means a different level of magnets (at least that's my understanding). So chances are it will cost more than the standard $1,700 to $2,000 for an MRI. So for one test that used to be free we are looking at over $500. Yuck! I hate this kind of stuff.


Anonymous 12:17 PM  

Let's hope Obama can get some kind of Nationalized health care while he's in office--we will all benefit. We know so many people who work full time and have good jobs and still don't have medical care. Even though we have pretty ok insurance, we still pay out of pocket for plenty of things. We actually sat around a few days back discussing whether my husband should go to the emergency room for an infected tick bite because of the cost to us. He went, thankfully, and needed the emergency care--he was on the verge of blood poisoning.

My brother in law works full time as an adjunct college instructor (no health benefits) and has been depressed and suicidal after his divorce. We've tried to get treatment for him but without insurance there is none. Even with Medicaid he doesn't qualify for mental health treatment. He needs a family member with him 24/7 to ensure he doesn't off himself. He should be in a facility getting therapy and medication, but at $4000 a day...and even though he OD'd, the County crisis counselors refuse to involuntarily admit him, which would be the only way he could get subsidized treatment.

My point--what a "great" society we've built. I realize that there is a debate as to whether or not healthcare should be an entitlement (such as social security) or a luxury, I just can't believe those who choose the latter. How can any society thrive with a sick and injured populous?

Off soapbox now.

~Anon C

Kristen 11:10 PM  

Point well received. While socializing healthcare has it's definite drawbacks (IMO) changes do need to happen for our healthcare system to survive. We are very fortunate that we can afford our healthcare. How many people out there can't afford the treatments or medications that their children need? It makes me sad.



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