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Sleep Update

A couple people have asked about how the "sleep training" is going in our house. The short answer is better. The long answer is that we are no longer having to go into their room 16 times to tuck in, give milk, etc. BUT they are still awake in their beds for a good hour plus before falling asleep. Sometimes we are talking like 2 hours of talking, laughing, playing or crying. It doesn't sound bad (and it is better than before) but it is still grating on your nerves. Those couple of hours before I have to go to bed are precious. They are my only down time. Most of the time I am working but when the girls nap I work, clean, cook, do laundry and what feels like a million other domestic chores. At night I can pay attention to my students and if I am lucky catch 5 minutes of tv before going to bed. Right now that usually peaceful time is set to the lovely background music of two monkeys in my house. I really think these two have some sort of world domination plan that starts with breaking Brian and I down.

On a side note I am rethinking putting off the sleep study. Our OT this week discussed sleep apnea in a little greater detail (the neuro thinks Abby might have it). Her son has many issues like Abby and he had sleep apnea. She said it is what kept him from growing. Once apnea was detected they removed his tonsils and adenoids and he grew several inches over the next couple of months. So I would hate to know later that I could have done something about Abby's failure to grow and didn't. I think I will start with her ENT to discuss all of this before going straight to the sleep center.


Christina 7:39 PM  

There is nothing more frustrating than kids that won't sleep. I'm so sorry, I can feel your frustrating!

PS-thanks for the kind comments, AND the nice words and link up about Momma B. She's amazing, I agree. :)

Jennifer 4:38 AM  

We are in exactly the same place: Naptime has become playtime in their room. And they talk and laugh and sing for hours before collapsing in the same bed and falling asleep at nite. No down time for me and it is making me crazy.



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