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What's in a name?

When I was younger you ALWAYS called your friends parents Mr. and Mrs. Whatever. To call an adult by their first name was tantamount to an insult (at least where I grew up). What has happened in the past 25 years that it has become acceptable for all children to call almost any adult by their first name? Am I just old fashioned on this issue? When parents introduce me to their children simply as Kristen I feel this uncomfortable moment when I want to correct them but I am never sure what to do. It seems like using this new format of calling adults Miss Kristen or Mr. Whatever. Somehow this just doesn't do it for me. Isn't calling an adult Mr. or Mrs. simply a show of respect? Is this one of the hundreds of reasons that younger generations are lacking respect for their elders?

I am not certain what we will do but Brian and I both feel like when we introduce ourselves to our kids friends it should be Mr. and Mrs. If it doesn't stop now where will it end? Calling teachers by their first name? Parents?


Anonymous 12:12 PM  

In the south if it is a CLOSE family friend than the term Ms. _____ is appropiate and considered polite. Everyone else is still Mr. or Mrs. and yes mamam, yes sir is still used with all adults including parents.

Michelle 3:05 PM  

Oh boy, I've probably created a lot of awkward moments then!

I don't introduce people to my children as Ms. or Mr. unless that person refers to themselves that way around my children. IF we go the Mr./Ms. route then it's usually last name. I just think Ms. Michelle sounds silly. I don't like to be called that, by anyone. Come to think of it, my parents didn't require this "politeness" from myself and my brothers either and my Dad is retired military and we were raised in VA. Shocking. This really does actually surprise me.

I'm a big believer that respect must be earned. There are too many elderly creeps in the world to assume that they all deserve the "Mr./Mrs./sir/mamam" title. Also, I've met many young bratty kids who call me Mrs. or Ms. and they aren't the least bit polite.

Instead, I'm trying to raise my children to be kind towards everyone but I don't think that calling someone Mr. or Mrs. off the bat is necessary to achieve this level of ultimate kindness.

Also, I don't care if my kids call me by my first Ava sometimes does. I don't need to be called "Mom" to know that I'm respected.

I can't think of an adult who I refer to as Mr./Mrs. and I don't recall there ever being an issue with my least, not that I'm aware of. I guess I may have offended a few people in my lifetime...

Don't get me wrong, I understand where you're coming from...I just don't agree with it.

Lindsey Fescoe 11:58 AM  

I grew up in the South and was never required to do that, and believe me, I had a ton of respect for adults. I don't think it's something to sweat over though or take offense to, you'll have way bigger battles to fight than this one. :)



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