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When 7am is a treat

With the resurgence of naps we are also seeing the return to VERY early mornings. I realize that for some people 6am is a reasonable but that is simply not the case in our house. Brian and I are not really morning people and neither is Grace. Abigail, on the other hand, is one of those obnoxious people who bounds out of bed at 6am with a huge smile and more energy than I can muster after 3 cups of coffee. She spends every morning making the rest of us pay for the fact that we are not morning people. She asks a million questions. She pokes and prods and clings. She jumps and flits and twirls. It sounds cute but at 6am I want to put her in a baby cage until I am awake.

The funny thing to me is that we were not a terribly early household until the past few months. Early mornings are definitely the trade-off for keeping naps in place. It is a trade-off I am more than willing to make.

This morning she slept until 7am... it was a treat for the entire household. Kids sure have a way of continuing to change my "normal" on a daily basis.


Amanda (Stitch To Stitch) 12:16 PM  

As a fellow non-morning person, I'm so sorry! I'm beyond grateful that my household doesn't get up and moving until after 8am 90% of the time.

Although I think that I might be more productive if my kids woke me up at 6. Think of all I could do in that 2 hours. ;)

Christina 12:45 PM  

Me and Alex are morning people, Abs and Wes not so much lol! I get up at 5am to workout. I get up and hop on the computer, have coffee then get to work. The rest of the house is up at 7....I love my mornings. =) I hope we can transition okay this fall, we will have to get up by 630, to make sure they are ready for school.

Kristen 1:42 PM  

C - Next year the girls are in PM class so I am hoping (praying and begging) that our schedule backs up a little. :D

Christina 3:19 PM  

Yea, I hope to put them in a pm class next year, they have the 4's right across the hall from where they will be at now. =0

Stefanie 6:48 PM  

Ha! I have one of those "morning children" too. I was so spoiled by my first born who likes to sleep in like his parents :) Our little guy is so cheerful in the morning and expects the rest of us to be as well and we're all "I don't want to talk right now. don't you have any fun toys you want to play with?" lol sounds horrible I know but those early mornings aren't made any easier by the fact that at almost 4 he still doesn't sleep through the night! Kid if you're going to wake me in the middle of the night do not expect me to be happy awake with you at 7 a.m. (sometimes early now that the sunrises at 0400)

Kristen 7:03 PM  

Stefanie - LOL... that's probably the worst part for us too. :D The kid is not only a morning person but is also a TERRIBLE sleeper. Makes for exhausted parents! ;D



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