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Phillies Game

On Saturday afternoon we got to take Jack to his very first Phillies game! My father in law was able to get some GREAT seats through his work so it was a great way to see the game. The game the night before got rained out so we go shifted from what time we thought we had. Poor Jack had about a 45 minute nap. But you hardly would have known it.

It rained the whole way there so we were praying for clear skies and a nice afternoon. 

The girls had been looking forward to going all week but I had no idea Abby was going to turn into a die hard fan in ONE GAME!

It didn't hurt that the Hall of Fame club seats have their own concession area with AIR CONDITIONING! It was over 90 degrees at 4 o'clock and pure humidity. 

And just when we thought were were in the clear it started to pour rain. Out came the tarp. :( 

Brian and I considered packing them up but the girls were not having that. We walked around the hall of fame club until the tarp came off. 

And then it went from hot and humid to muggy and unbearable. 

We gutted out a couple more innings in our seats and then took shelter under the overhang so we could have shade. (Most of the game we had shade and a rain shield but as the sun set it was beaming on us.)

Jack was SO, SO good. The game lasted almost four and a half hours with a rain delay and 11 innings. 

I think Daddy was fussier than Jack. ;D

And this kid. Pure Phillies fan. She danced and screamed and cried when we tried to leave. 

Grace loved every minute of it. 

And when it was over they had lost. Abby cried. A lot. 

She pulled herself together. Went home and took a shower and then plopped down on the sofa and started watching game 2 of the double header. Sniff * Sniff * I got my little Phan!!! :D

It was a good day. 


Anonymous 9:18 AM  

looks like you guys had a great time!! glad to hear the girls are becoming die-hard fans!! jack is a little trooper :-)




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